About Me

Bachelor of Science, Master of Health Studies Student


My full name is Radostina Fedyna, however I go by Tina as it is much easier for others to spell! I hold a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biological and Physical sciences from the University of Alberta. I am beginning my journey in the Master of Health Studies program at Athabasca University and hope to follow with a certification in Occupational Health & Safety as well. I enjoy the fact that Athabasca has a general stream of Health focused Masters degree, and I think it is important to obtain multiple streams of knowledge regarding public health.

While at the University of Alberta, I conducted undergraduate research for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry focusing on the molecular mechanism behind the epidemiological association of periodontal disease and atherosclerosis. Upon my graduation, I followed my professor into graduate school (Masters of Oral Biology) the following year, and I soon realized that conducting empirical research wasn’t my passion in life. The reason I chose the Public Health stream is because of the opportunity to be involved in research, and its implementation within policies and the ever-changing healthcare system.

In addition to graduate school, I also work for a private healthcare company where I focus on company policy development and implementation as well as the accreditation of our medical facilities by Alberta Health Services and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. I am passionate about learning, especially about our healthcare system and am looking to expand my policy and public health knowledge and where this journey takes me.

A fun fact about me, I’m an avid and adventurous hiker! Feel free to follow my adventures, wherever they may take me next!