Education & Research


Athabasca University
2018 – Present
Master of Health Studies
Concentration: General

University of Alberta
2011 – 2015
Bachelor of Science
Concentration: Biological and Physical Sciences

Relevant Research Experience

Medical Microbiology and Immunology Research
2014 – 2015

Dr. Maria Febbraio, Supervisor
Dr. Maria Alexiou, Research Associate
School of Dentistry, University of Alberta

  • Global Themes: inflammation, innate immunity, fatty acid uptake and metabolism, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Specific Research Topics: Interaction of CD36 and Toll-like receptors in increased atherosclerosis as a result of periodontal disease and the impact of tissue specific CD36 expression on metabolism and diabetes
  • Emphasis on: mechanistic insight by examining cell signaling pathways, protein-protein interactions, and changes in gene expression and regulation